30% discount for sprayer «Vodoley» for agrarians of Dnepropetrovsk region

Each agrarian of the Dnipropetrovsk region can purchase domestic agricultural machinery with a discount of 30% of its value due to the support program from the regional budget. This was reported by Vadim Udovicki – head of the department of agro-industrial development of the Dnieper Regional State Administration.

The program is designed to support the agricultural sector. The goal is – improving the quality of agricultural products by updating the fleet of equipment of regional farmers, which includes tractors, cultivators, seeders, plows and any other types of domestic production.

In order to receive a 30% discount, the agrarian must hand in the relevant package of documents to the regional administration of agro-industrial development.

Self-propelled sprayer «Vodoley» is intended for application of liquid fertilizers and plant protection products. Thanks to ultra-low pressure tires, it can move with any ground condition. Even if the land is very wet, the work will be carried out in full.

Low pressure on the soil (100-160 g/cm² - depending on the filling of the tank with working fluid) allows the use of a sprayer for foliar feeding of winter crops. Passing through the field with winter crops, it does not damage the crops if the height of stems is lower 50 cm. This allows to use of the self-propelled sprayer «Vodoley» for the application of fertilizers and plant protection products without damage to winter crops.

The process of applicating of the working fluid is controlled by a spraying computer «Vodoley», which synchronizes the supply of working fluid with the speed of the sprayer across the field. Thanks to this, even with unstable speed, the rate of application will be stable.

By buying a self-propelled sprayer «Vodoley» with a 30% discount agrarians receive an easy and high-performance solution for applying liquid fertilizer forms.

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