An irreplaceable assistant in the field is the «Vodoley» sprayer

Sprayer «Vodoley», developed by the company «Comprehensive AgroService», is designed to apply liquid fertilizers in any condition of the soil. This is especially true in the spring, when it is time to introduce fertilizers, and the earth is soaked after snow melts. The technics on conventional wheels is hopelessly bogged down in such soil, while ultra-low pressure tires will give «Vodoley» the opportunity to perform works on the application of the UAN.

The advantages of a liquid fertilizers

The advantage of a liquid fertilizers over to solids have been reaffirmed repeatedly by research institutes and laboratories, and they are increasingly becoming apparent to the agro-industrial sector.

So, applying a urea-ammonia nitrate (UAN-28, UAN-32) in pure form or in combination with other microelements, pesticides and biostimulants, we have a number of indisputable advantages. These include better, uniform distribution of fertilizer by area, reduction of the number of operations for care of crops by cooking in one tank «mix» from various components, the possibility of fractional feeding the plants, increasing or decreasing the concentration of the solution depending on the phase of vegetation, the combination of root and extracorporeal feeding.

UAN-32 as a base of a solution or as a self-feeding contains directly 3 forms of nitrogen, different in terms of assimilation. In addition, unlike solid, granular fertilizers, it does not require compulsory sealing in the soil, although minimal sealing increases the effect of its application.

Agronomists recommends liquid fertilizers UAN due also in view of their economy: nitrogen losses when using a urea ammonia mixture no more than 10%, while solid fertilizers - 30-40%!

Taking into account all the advantages of liquid mixtures, farmers have all the chances of receiving high yields, skillfully using such a flexible tool of timely feed, as UAN-32. The only obstacle often encountered by agrarians is weather conditions that vary year by year and make adjustments to seasonal agrotechnics. And especially it concerns areas of risky agriculture.

The self-propelled sprayer «Vodoley»

Familiar picture: the snow melted, the soil is wet, the technique can not come out on the field. And the time is running out... It's time to add fertilizer! But finally, the ground is dry and... there comes a period of absence of rains and endless winds, which is also undesirable for feeding or introducing remedies. Often the soil dries earlier than it manages to carry out the first such necessary agrotechnical techniques.

The farmer understands that assimilation of fertilizers by the soil is best when the soil is maximally moist. That is why roads every day of the early spring!

The self-propelled sprayer «Vodoley» (Ukrainian analogue of the Belarusian «ROSA»), allows to begin of spring-field work earlier for 2 weeks than the usual technique. This high-performance agrotechnical machine is light enough and is equipped with low pressure tires, which allow to minimize the pressure on the soil - only up to 100-160 g / cm2 or 0.01 - 0.016 MPa! Self-propelled sprayer «Vodoley» is able to go out in the field all year round, winning the time of precious time for timely soil care!

Self-propelled agro-technical complex «Vodoley 1» is equipped with all necessary for introduction of liquid fertilizers for feeding and protection of plants. In one hour the self-propelled sprayer Vodoley processes up to 30Ga of area, while consuming only 0.2 liters of diesel fuel per hectare.

Our company took care of the reliability of the complex: the most «responsible» unit - japanese engine Kubota, that will worke reliably.

At the request of the customer, we provide service of application of liquid fertilizers using self-propelled sprayer «Vodoley» in conjunction with KRAZ (on the basis of the fuel filler), which ensures a continuous supply of UAN and plant protection products to the field, allowing you to save time and money.

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