What should Ukrainian farmers grow to trade with the EU?

Zone of free trade with the EU brought unpleasant surprises. The European market is very saturated with any goods and its officials, first of all, think about EU producers. Therefore, selling of a number of commodity items proved to be impossible. The cancellation of duties on goods is accompanied by the appearance of quotas. Their volume turns out to be such that the quotas for honey in 2015 were selected on 4 January. In 2016 in January ended the annual quota for corn. Further, suppliers should trade on a common basis, competing at a price with local producers, which is not always justified.

How will the microclonal propagation of plants helps to trade with the EU?

Small manufacturers has benefit they will be able to quickly redirect their production capacities for those groups of agricultural products that are not subject to duties and are not limited in sales, for example, mushrooms and berries. Otherwise, there will be constant risks of domestic competition to enter the EU market. You can select two directions – mushrooms and berries.

The strength of small-scale farming is the ability to quickly adapt to the production of new products. Depending on the existing infrastructure, the owner can choose one of the above directions – grow mushrooms or berries. The first option will require quite specific conditions – mushrooms require for their growth a dark and humid rooms. Not every farm has such an infrastructure.

Fpr someone will be easier to grow berries, for others - mushrooms

Of course, the cultivation of each berry has its own nuances, but in any case it's about "traditionally" land cultivation in contrast to the underground world of mushrooms.

Single issue – search for seedlings of berry plants for trade of Ukraine with the EU. Traditional breeding methods are not suitable – seedlings from seeds will lose valuable varietal properties, and cuttings propagation is too slow. Company «Comprehensive AgroService» offers a plant microclonal propagation service, which allows to obtain in a short time a large number of seedlings genetically identical to the parent plant.

Advantages of the method of microclonal propagation of the plants

  • Seedlings can be obtained at any time of the year.
  • The resulting plants are genetically identical to the parent plant – all valuable varietal qualities will be saved in full.
  • A large number of seedlings are produced at the output.
  • Seedlings are completely cleared of any infection, due to that it has a high potential for growth and fruiting.

Clonal micropropagation is used to obtain seedlings of the rare, valuable and expensive plants. This is a convenient option for obtaining berry seedlings. Seedlings can be obtained from plants provided by the customer or from the samples already available in the laboratory. In the first case, the order execution time can be up to 14 months, in the second – everything will be faster.

Today in the laboratory there are seedlings of the following varieties:

  • Raspberries «Brusvjana»;
  • Raspberries «Hercules»;
  • Raspberries «Polka»;
  • Raspberries «Pride of Russia»;
  • Blackberry without spines «Thornfree».

More information about these varieties can be found in the section «Microcloning».

Due to the possibilities of microclonal propagation, the customer can get a large number of seedlings (1-50 thousand copies) in a relatively short time. After that, it will be possible to start to start trading with such an attractive market as the European Union. Ukraine's trade with the EU is very attractive from an economic point of view, but requires the choice of those products that are not limited to quotas or duties – this is why farmers need to look closely at growing berries or mushrooms. A service of clonal micropropagation of plants will allow you to obtain valuable varietal seedlings with a powerful growth potential in short and predictable periods.

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