Time to order the application of the liquid fertilizers - end of the winter

The end of winter and the beginning of spring – it's time for the agrarians to order the application of the liquid fertilizers. To get the most out of his land, the landlord should use all means rationally. Only for liquid forms of fertilizers an extremely accurate account of expenditure is possible.

Self-propelled sprayer «Vodoley» is designed to work with liquid fertilizers

The machine, that works with liquid fertilizers should be equipped with a spraying computer, be passable and have minimal effect on the soil. Self-propelled sprayer «Vodoley» on ultra-low pressure tires meets these requirements. It is equipped with a spraying computer with a GPS module, whose main task is retention of a given rate of fertilizers outflow. Even with an unstable speed of movement across the field, it will be poured exactly as much fertilizer per hectare as planned without overdose or underfill.

The introduction of liquid fertilizers will be carried out even in case of extra wet soil

Thanks to low-pressure tires, the sprayer «Vodoley» will be able to work on the field at any weather. Even if the ground is wet and the technics on conventional wheels will bogged down, «Vodoley» will perform all the work in full.

The equipment for applying of the liquid fertilizers can be installed on the seeder

The device for applying liquid fertilizers, used in «Vodoley» can be installed on other agricultural technics. As a result of this modernization, the seeder or cultivator can, in addition to the typical tasks, applicate liquid fertilizers or PPP. There is no need to buy new equipment, as the functionality of the existing one is expanding. If such work is not included in your financial plans, it will be better to order the application of liquid fertilizers with the help of a self-propelled sprayer «Vodoley».

The exact report where exactly and how much was applicated

Thanks to the work of the GPS module, information is kept about where and how much of fertilizers was poured. The results of the works can be later viewed in the database of the Agrosystem.

To quickly and accurately applicate liquid fertilizers, PPP or UAN 32 – order a liquid fertilizer application.

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