Modernization of Kinze and Prosem seed drills for liquid fertilizer application

The specialists of the «Comprehensive AgroService» company have carried out the conversion and modernization of the KINZE 24, KINZE 3600-16, KINZE 3700, Prosem K16 seeders, for the introduction of liquid starter fertilizers, and the conversion of the tandem disk harrow CASE TRUE TANDEM for the application of the destructor simultaneously with the tillage.

Read here about the modernization of the Kuhn Planter 3 seed drill for the applying of the liquid fertilizer.

The system is equipped with a complex of electronic sensors, which allow you to track the consumption of the starter fertilizer for each injector, as well as signal to the tractor driver about clogging of the one of the lines of the row of the seeder.

The system allows you to see the operation of the unit in real-time from a remote computer, to know the set rate and on the graph see the instantaneous flow of liquid for each injector.

For the upgrade to the equipment must be installed:

  • Spraying computer «Vodoley 1».
  • The capacity of the working fluid is 1000 liters (or 2 containers of 600 liters) mounted on a special frame;
  • The entire communication system, which is necessary for dispensing and applying liquid fertilizers (pump, control system, solenoid valves, etc.).
  • Piping system and communications for the supply of working fluid solution
  • Visual fluid volume sensor in the tank, injector stirrer, input filters, etc.
  • Sprays for UAN (and for other liquid fertilizers).

Thanks to the modernization the possibilities of the seeders are expanding: it can, as before, be used to perform typical tasks, and, if necessary, in addition to them, to introduce starting fertilizers. Due to this in one pass, several types of the land processing operations will be performed at once, which will save time and consumables for agricultural work.

Seeder Kinze-3600 16-row (picture below)

Seeder Kinze-3600 16-row


Pouring liquid fertilizer onto the soil (picture below)

Pouring liquid fertilizer onto the soil


Seeder Prosem-k16 16 rows (picture below)

Seeder Prosem-k16 16-row


Fluid outflow monitoring system (picture below)

Fluid outflow control system


A converted John Deere tractor for inserting a destructor for a disc harrow (picture below)

Re-equipped John Deere tractor for inserting a destructor for a disc harrow


Re-equipped disc harrow with nozzles (picture below)

Re-equipped disc harrow with nozzles


Pressure distributor with a hydraulic motor driven centrifugal pump and a flowmeter (picture below)

Pressure distributor with a centrifugal pump driven by a hydraulic motor and a flow meter

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