Self-propelled spreader «Vodoley»

Self-propelled spreader «Vodoley»

Innovative Vibro System from EuroSpand Galileo for the supply of dry fertilizers

Supplied complete with a spreader EuroSpand Galileo (Італія), equipped with the latest developments of Euro Spand in the field of increasing the efficiency of applying solid fertilizers:


  • Vibro System is an innovative vibro-fertilizer system without agitator, consisting of two discs vibrating when the when the propshaft rotates.

Thanks to the Vibro System, products such as powdered lime, sulphates or granular fertilizers can be added that are not compatible with traditional systems; in addition, it is advisable to use a vibro-system for sowing various seeds and wet rice - the absence of friction caused by the rotation of the mixer, allows to avoid damage to the seeds and, consequently, their germination does not decrease.


  • Equipped with the TPS Trasmission protection system for maintaining the integrity of the transmission unit;
  • Automatic Angle Positioning: automatic adjustment of the yield angle of the fertilizer on the disk, depending on the amount to be extracted;
  • Feed with variable geometry for accurate distribution of products in quantities from 3 to 500 kg/min.
  • Side feeding of fertilizer on the disk to reduce the risk of fertilizer pulverization and to simultaneously ensure the ideal distribution, including on uneven soil.
  • The filter grid, the downstream vibration elimination mechanism, the spreading discs and all the components of the dispensing and distribution are made of stainless steel.
  • A stainless steel bunker with a basic capacity of 600 liters, which can be increased to a maximum of 1000 liters.

Wheel Formula


Overall dimensions LxWxH, mm


Engine type Engine brand

Turbocharged diesel Kubota

Working volume of the engine, cm3


Transport speed, km/h

up to 45*

The curb weight, including the operator, kg


Gross weight, kg, not more than


Minimum turning radius, m


Productivity per hour of working time, hectares


Track gauge, mm


Range of flow, kg/min


Specific fuel consumption for a shift time, kg/ha



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