Modernization of seed drills for the application of liquid fertilizers

Company "Comprehensive AgroService", performs work on the conversion and modernization of agricultural machinery (seeders, cultivators, destructors) for the application of liquid fertilizers, UAN 32, herbicides, pesticides, etc.

To increase the yield and reduce the cost of processing agricultural land, more and more farmers are resorting to additional equipment of land-cultivating equipment for the introduction of liquid fertilizers. What this gives the owner of the equipment:

The possibility of introducing initial fertilizers during the sowing works
Several types of soil cultivation in one pass of machinery - cultivation or sowing plus application UAN, PPP, LCF
Seeders (cultivators) can still perform typical tasks for them
Liquid fertilizers are more readily available to the root system, which contributes to a faster start and growth of plants
Saving money - you do not need to purchase equipment to work with UAN, PPP, LCF
Mixing in one tank of the housing and communal services and the Northwestern Federal District for one passage of the machinery you get several types of chemical treatment of the territory

For retrofitting use:

  1. Automatic control system – Computer «Vodoley» (similar to «Bravo-180»)
  2. Equipment for the filing, redistribution and introduction of housing services, UAN 32, LCF
  3. The capacity of the working fluid (500-2000 liters) is installed on a special frame, which also completely assembles the entire communication system, which is necessary for dispensing and applying mineral fertilizers (pump, control system, solenoid valves, etc.)
  4. The piping system (wiring) and communications for the supply of working fluid solution. All components have increased chemical resistance, and are also designed to work in conditions of increased pressure of the working fluid
  5. Visual tank volume sensor in the tank, injector stirrer, inlet filters, etc.
  6. Sprays for UAN (and other liquid fertilizers)
  7. Additionally, at the request of the Customer, it is possible to install a self-service system, as well as an electronic system Face-control (electronic control system for pouring out the working fluid).

Cost of converting agricultural machinery depends on the model of the seeder or cultivator and on the configuration of the installation, which is determined by the customer.

Spraying vehicle «Vodoley» with the GPS module allows you to save up to 40% of fertilizer, raising the yield to 20%.


The figures were obtained on the basis of the expert assessment of the Melitopol Agrarian University (Department of Agriculture).

Features of the onboard spray computer «Vodoley»:

• maintaining a constant level of pouring out the working fluid, even with fluctuations in the speed of movement of machinery across the field;
• the indication of the current speed of travel, the distance traveled, the time spent;
• thanks to the presence of the GPS module, the coordinates of the movement of the equipment are saved, and can be viewed both in real time and later, because they will be stored in the database;
• area that has already been processed;
• current flow rate of liquid, volume of already spilled fertilizers;
• other data relevant to the fertilizer application process: the condition of the valves, the pressure in the system, a signal is given in the event of clogging of the line.

If you need to process the field once, order the service of applying liquid fertilizers (UAN, PPP, LCF) using self-propelled sprayer «Vodoley» on ultra low pressure tires.

He exerts a pressure of no more than 160 g/cm2 on the soil, so it can be used even for foliar top dressing of plants. Passing through the field with winter crops, it does not damage them, with a stem height of up to 50 cm. And the on-board computer for spraying will ensure the most accurate observance of the rate of application of liquid fertilizers per hectare, which saves you from unnecessary waste and guarantees a good harvest.

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