Double benefit - sprayer «Vodoley» and urea ammonium nitrate (UAN)

UAN is a modern liquid fertilizer consisting of a mixture of three forms of nitrogen (nitrate, ammonium and amide).

Advantages of using UAN

  1. The nitrate responds in this mixture for instant effect. It can be assimilated by plants immediately.
  2. Ammonium due to nitrification becomes nitrate.
  3. Amid under the influence of soil bacteria passes into ammonium.

This combination creates the effect of prolonged feeding, which begins immediately after application and lasts some time, depending on the activity of bacteria and soil temperature. Additional plus – in the UAN there is no free form of the nitrogen, which can escape as evaporation into the atmosphere. The presence of ammonium form forces you to think about sealing the place of application, as dry and hot weather can contribute to nitrogen losses from the site of application. But even in this case, liquid fertilizers show excellent results, in comparison with granular – 10% losses of the nitrogen in liquid, against 30-40% in granulated.

The liquid form has found its application because of  a number of advantages:

  1. It is easier to maintain the same level of application on each hectare of the surface being treated.
  2. Several working substances can be mixed in one tank (pesticides, herbicides, fungicides are added to the UAN ). In one pass technique on the field, the effect of several treatments is immediately achieved.
  3. UAN is optimal for foliar feeding of plants in those periods when their root system can not cope with the load.

The introduction of liquid fertilizers technologically simplifies the precise maintenance of a given application rate per unit area. But this should be done with a special technics – therefore, a self-propelled sprayer «Vodoley» was equipped with an on-board computer with a GPS module and an electronic fertilizer system.

Foliar feeding and UAN

Foliar feeding is necessary for plants at a stage when there are already sprouts. The usual technique after passing through the field will leave many damaged plants. To safely handle winter crops, the Vodoley sprayer is equipped with ultra-low pressure tires. They exert pressure on the soil of 100-160 g/cm2, so after passing through the field of such technique, plants are raised for 2-3 days. The outflow of the working liquid is synchronized with the speed of the machinery through the field; therefore, even with the deceleration or acceleration of the latter, the desired level of application of the UAN per hectare remains the same.

From the solution that has fallen on the leaves, the amide form of nitrogen is primarily absorbed. Drops that fall on the ground will become an ordinary soil fertilizer. UAN allows you to quickly adjust the nutrition of plants in those times when there is intensive growth, and the root system does not cope with the needs of the plant.

Terms of the UAN application

An important plus of UAN is that they do not pollute the environment. There is also an improvement in nitrogen consumption during a drought. One more plus – UAN is not flammable and explosive (unlike saltpeter in bags).

The UAN is applied in the following terms:

  1. Autumn – basic tillage
  2. Spring – presowing treatment. Optimal to make it by the sprayer «Vodoley», which thanks to its tires can go into the field on the wet ground before the technics on the standard wheels.
  3. Spring – during the growing season. And again the sprayer «Vodoley» is the best choice - its tires allow you to pass through the field with plants, leaving virtually no damage. During this period, foliar top feeding and treatment with fungicides and insecticides are needed.

Agronavigator «Vodoley 2» thanks to the function of parallel driving allows you to avoid reapplication. When you begin to applicate fertilizer to an area that has already been processed, the place of re-treatment is immediately highlighted on the screen, so that the driver of the sprayer adjusts the trajectory of the machinery.

Liquid fertilizers can be mixed in one tank with other components of plant treatment. Therefore, for one pass through the field «Vodoley» will process several substances at once, which is economically advantageous and protects the site from unnecessary passage of technics.

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