Are drones safe?

Some farmers have already estimated the convenience of using drones to monitor their fields. Anothers has already had to estimate the cost of losing of a drone. In case of loss of visual control over the UAV, it may be trivially lost. Some already had to observe the passage of the "UFO" - a nameless drone, who studied something over your territory. Some simply do not care about these technologies, and they seem to be something abstract, like characters from fantasy films.

Good drones?

Weather let down? It is dry and hot weather and the field need to be watered? But where exactly? After all, the delivery of water to the field also requires money. The drone will help you quickly (well, faster than doing it on your own two) to inspect the entire field. Or a few fields. So you can understand where the land is already very dry. The same can be said about the use of plant protection products - in case of a massive disease of the plants on the part of the field, it is time to take measures. And if you need to inspect two thousand hectares in one week, you can either just spit and drive around at least somewhere, or you can hire specialists with UAV. Let and from a height of 50 (150) meters, but you can see all this territory. Next, you can take action and save the harvest.

Looking ahead, we will make a terrible confession - yes, drones themselves do not work, and yes - it is necessary to inspect all the photos

Moreover, the photo of your fields will have value for the future, because this is a real cartogram of the growth of various cultures on your fields. Where are the bald places? And what is the composition of the soil there? Here's to you an excuse to count the correct dose of fertilizer in these places.

Bad drones!

Of course, the drone costs money and therefore its fall is a disaster - repairs may not be cheap. Disappearance is much worse. And the drone can crash into other equipment, fall on people, crash into power lines and provoke a power outage of the whole village. Simply put, this is a real flying machine that has kinetic energy and can crash into something.

In the US, there were already cases of using drones to steal smartphones, or poorly fixed agricultural sensors. Moreover, drones are great for searching in the fields of empty technics (tractors, sprayers) that can be stolen! It is not surprising that many companies already offer various equipment for knocking down UAVs.

That terrible drones...

What about espionage? Neighbor, how much wheat have you grown?» - such a question can simply be ignored, as tactless, and an attempt to calculate is unlikely to be crowned with success, unless you are armed with UAVs. With it, you can evaluate your neighbors crop and look into any yard. And even the window. And if you install an IR camera, then even at night there is «something to do» for an unnecessarily curious audience. Further, the data obtained can be used to form a price on the market among neighbors.

Doctor? It seems to me that I am being followed…

By the way, the question is, to whom can you turn to other than a psychiatrist, if you regularly see an unidentified UAV above your household? While this question remains open…

Thus, it is obvious that the flying «eye of Sauron» is a very multifunctional device that expands our capabilities, but also raises a number of new questions. Successful monitoring!

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