What height of the sprayer boom is better

Every 10 cm of lifting bar above the ground increases the loss of plant protection from wind drift and evaporation by 2 times. But the higher boom is, the less likely the collision of the boom with the ground. And what if you additionally increase speed of the droplets of the working fluid using the air flow?


How often do I need to change spray nozzles on the sprayer?

Only certified sprayers have real fluid flow rates differing from those stated in documents by less than 10%. During field work, the fluid flow expands the dimensions of the internal channel and the flow rate increases. Therefore, you need to monitor its value and promptly change the nozzles on the rod.


Choose sprayers (nozzles) for spraying under a specific rate of outflow

Only spray nozzles of certified manufacturers have a consumption close to the value specified in the documentation. The fluid, passing through the internal channel of the spray nozle, expand internal channel size, which over time, in an unpredictable manner, changes the flow rate of the liquid. Therefore, you should regularly check and, if necessary, change the sprayers.


What is better - to reduce the concentration of the solution or the rate of outflow?

If you are going to reduce the dose of a substance by reducing of the outflow rate, then you are risking to throw money down the drain. It is better to dilute the same dose in a larger volume of liquid, reducing the concentration of the working solution. To maintain an outflow rate of less than 200 l/ha, sprayers (nozzles) forming small droplets will be needed, which are highly susceptible to wind drift and evaporation.


Single-flare spray nozzle and Twin-flare spray nozzles - which ones for what?

Quality of processing of the current culture depends on the correct selection of a sprayer. Twin-flare are good for processing spikelets, weeds of the same height as the crop, but if you need to «punch» the entire thickness of greenery and reach the ground, use sinle-flare nozzles.


Pressure in the working system of the sprayer and processing quality

It is necessary to take into account the fact that to obtain at any pressure strictly identical droplet size is impossible. Most sprayers have a polydisperse spray spectrum, which can be in the range of 10 to 700 microns.


Preparing the sprayer for winter storage

The well-made preparation of the sprayer for the winter season not only guarantees its safety, but also simplifies commissioning in the spring. Preparing the sprayer for the winter can go the way of draining of the system supply of working fluid or preservation with antifreeze.


Useful articles for the sprayer owner

Liquid fertilizer or granulated? Why there is no absolute advantage of one of the forms? How to choose a sprayer? How often do I need to flush the fluid supply system? What is the best droplet size?


How often should I wash the sprayer after work?

Many fertilizers are very chemical aggressive and have a destructive effect on metal parts. But even if this does not happen, decomposition of the fertilizers occurs in the solution. For some of them a few hours are enough. Simultaneously with the decomposition process, crystallization begins, which will be very difficult to eliminate. The sediment thus deposited will be very difficult to remove.


25% compensation for sprayer «Vodoley» and a set of refitting of seeders for liquid fertilizers usag

When buying a «Vodoley» self-propelled sprayer and a set of additional equipment of seeders for the introduction of liquid fertilizers, the farmer receives compensation of 25% of the cost according to the resolutions of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine No. 130, 86 and 106.


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