An irreplaceable assistant in the field is the «Vodoley» sprayer

Liquid fertilizers more quickly becomes available for the roots of the plants when applied to moist soil. Sprayer Vodoley can easily drive on the wet spring soil thanks to low pressure tires.


An indispensable assistant in the field - the Aquarius sprayer

The advantages of liquid fertilizers over solid fertilizers have been repeatedly confirmed by research institutes and laboratories, and they are becoming more and more obvious for the agro-industrial sector.


Sprayer maintenance

Regular maintenance of the sprayer ensures its operation ability during the entire estimated period of operation. A separate «hazard» in the work of sprayers is regular contact with chemically aggressive pesticides. Therefore, when chips and scratches appear, the paint layer on metal parts should be immediately restored.


Preparation of the sprayer for work

After winter storage, check not only the working fluid supply system, but also the undercarriage. Some nodes may have been removed for storage separately. You need to ensure that all sprayer components are complete and ready to go.


Sprayers Filters

The purity of the working solution means the correct operation of all elements of the working fluid supply system: flow meters, valves, sprays, pumps, pipes, etc. The main task of the filter is the mechanical removal from the working fluid of particles whose size is larger than the minimum opening of the nozzle of the atomizer.


Agrotechnical requirements for sprayers

A modern sprayer consists of many components, each of which should work without fail. The main requirements for it are directly related to the quality of field processing. All nodes that may come into contact with the working fluid must be resistant to chemically aggressive fertilizers. The application process itself must be accurate over the entire area of ​​the field.


The rod of the sprayer

The quality of processing of the field with liquid fertilizers or plant protection products and ease of operation depend on the design of the sprayer boom and its fixation mechanism. The possibility of processing at different heights, damping vibrations, protection of communications and sprays from damage in case of collision with the ground or with obstacles should be provided.


What pumps are used for sprayers in agriculture

The market of the pumps for sprayer today is represented by membrane-piston, centrifugal and piston (less often). The former work better with chemically aggressive and abrasive fluids, the latter have fewer components, which makes them more reliable, the last - piston ones with a small size make it possible to obtain the highest pressure.


Tank for working fluid of the sprayer

The capacity of the sprayer tank is always indicated along with the boom size. It is also important what is the material of the tank - plastic is unpretentious and cheap, stainless steel is more expensive, but much stronger. If the tank is made of ordinary steel, it is very important to monitor the condition of the anti-corrosion coating, because some fertilizers are very aggressive to metal.


How does humidity and temperature affect spraying quality?

High temperatures and low humidity are fraught with significant waste of the working fluid for evaporation. An air column above one hectare 50 cm high at 20° is capable of dissolving more than 85 liters of water. If the humidity is 50%, then half of this value. How do you like the loss of 40 liters of the herbicide at a rate of 50l/ha outflow due to evaporation?


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