3 important advantages of liquid fertilizers

First, it is easier to keep count and monitor the flow of liquid. The flow rate of the liquid can be changed on the fly. Spraying computer «Vodoley 1» accurately retains a predetermined rate of outflow even with fluctuating speed. Second - the liquid does not form dust when loaded, it does not caked when stored. Third - the use of liquid fertilizers reduces nitrogen losses...


Qualitative paulownia seedlings were obtained by clonal micropropagation

After the stem of the paulownia was cut, the growth resumes from the place of the sawing, thanks to a powerful root system. One planting is enough to remove the crop 5-8 times, every 8 years in the same place. Abundant irrigation is required only for seedlings 1 and 2 years of life.


Buy sprouts of paulownia (Adam's tree)

For 8 years you can expect 1 cubic meter of wood. After planting them in the ground it lives about 70 years, giving repeated shoots from the place of the sawing.


Buy a unique tree Pavlovnia in Ukraine

At surprising rates of growth the quality of wood does not cease to surprise. The weight of wood is 208-300 kg/m3. At the same time, high levels of strength, which makes paulownia very popular in aircraft construction, shipbuilding, and surfboard production.


All-Ukrainian scientific-practical conference in Kamenets-Podolsky

The aim of the conference is to search for innovative ways for the development of agrarian science, taking into account the conditions of modern achievements. An important point of the organizers see and the establishment of scientific ties between scientists.


6 Useful Features of the «Vodoley 1» spraying computer

1 Maintaining a constant level of supply of liquid fertilizers. 2 Tracking the distance covered in kilometers. 3 Segmental shutdown of spray valves. 4 Accounting for the treated area in hectares. 5 Allowance for the remaining liquid in the tank. 6 Presetting, changing, quick setting the rate of outflow of working fluid.


Micro propagation for reproduction of rare and expensive plants

In order to obtain a large number of seedlings in a short time, preserve the genetic purity of the breeding variety and remove the infection, it is necessary to apply the technology of microclonal reproduction of plants.


Selective varieties of plants - seedlings of high quality

The «Comprehensive AgroService» company offers seedlings obtained by clonal micro propagation. This method allows you to relatively quickly get a lot of new seedlings, preserving the genetic purity of the selection variety and clearing them from infection.


Buy lavender seedlings in Ukraine

To decorate the flowerbed in front of the store or the suburban area, buy lavender seedlings. A sun-loving perennial plant with a soothing aroma, a long flowering period.


Joy for a flower lover - buy orchid phalaenopsis or dendrobium

If you are a fan of floristry or just want to have a beautiful flower at home, then an excellent solution is to buy phalaenopsis or dendrobium orchids.


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