Monitoring of the state of the field with the help of UAVs and satellites

Monitoring the territory using NDVI technology allows you to accurately determine the places where you need to applicate more fertilizer or urgently carry out treatment with plant protection products.


The robots-seeders MARS from the company AGCO for AG

An interesting feature of MARS is the use of the flock method. One field can be seeded by a group of 6-12 robots that are controlled from a single center. The system divides the field into «individual zones of responsibility» for each robot and then keeps accurate records of the coordinates of the introduction of each grain.


How to choose a self-propelled sprayer

How to choose a modern self-propelled sprayer taking into account all the needs of your enterprise? Would be better the one with a capacious tank and heavy? But after all, the dinosaurs lost in the war with a smaller mammals. So in this issue correct result depends of local situation.


What new can be grown by Ukrainian farmers?

Growing of berries is interesting because there are no quotas for the given group of goods in the EU and everyone who has such a crop can count on the possibility of marketing in the EU.


What like should be the robots for agriculture

What should interest investors and producers - this market is relatively free. It does not yet have clearly defined standards, and each manufacturer demonstrates its vision of how it should be.


Modernization of Kinze and Prosem seed drills for liquid fertilizer application

The company «Comprehensive AgroService» has modernized seeders «KINZE» and «Prosem» for applying liquid fertilizers. See the photo report on the work done.


Company «Comprehensive AgroService» at the exhibition AgroExpo-2017

September 20-23, 2017 in Kirovograd, the exhibition AgroExpo-2017 was held, where the company «Comprehensive AgroService» introduced the sprayer «Vodoley» and the spreader of granulated fertilizers on the basis of the chassis «Vodoley».


International Exhibition AgroExpo-2017

In September 2017 in Kirovograd there will be an exhibition AgroExpo-2017. There the company «Comprehensive AgroService» will represent the self-propelled sprayers of the «Vodoley» series.


Selective mint varieties of essential oil group

To get the most oil from the mint, select the sort of mint reproduced by the technology of clonal micropropagation.


Our pride - staff of our laboratory in vitro

The principles of work of the laboratory staff in vitro are regulated by instructions received at the courses in the Nikitsky Botanical Garden and other scientific materials.


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