The nearest future of precision farming is the variable-rate technology (VRT)

Farm Dog and John Deere have started developing a system for introducing liquid fertilizers with a dynamically changing rate of outflow, tied to a cartogram. The main goal is the maximum reduction of expenses for liquid fertilizers. Since on each field there are foci of reduced content of mineral substances, the dose of fertilization should also be based on such data.


What should Ukrainian farmers grow to trade with the EU?

Small manufacturers can benefit, because will be able to quickly redirect their production capacities for growing those groups of agricultural products that are not subject to duties and are not limited, for example, mushrooms and berries.


Time to order the application of the liquid fertilizers - end of the winter

Thanks to its low-pressure tires, the sprayer Vodoley will come out on the field at any weather. Even if the ground is extremely wet and the technics on conventional wheels gets stuck, the «Vodoley» will perform all work in full.


Comparison of self-propelled sprayers Rosa, Vodoley 1 and Vodoley 2

Self propelled sprayer Vodoley 1 is equipped with a «Kubota» engine of 1.5 liters (as on «Rosa»), while «Vodoley 2» is equipped by a 2.4-liter engine. «Rosa» and «Vodoley 1», processing 1 hectare, consume 0.2 liters of diesel fuel, while «Vodoley 2» showes a higher rate, consumes 0.3 liters.


Computer «Vodoley» - GPS control of the outflow of the liquid fertilizers

Computer «Vodoley» stores data of the coordinates of the technics and the rate of fluid outflow. And if the performer decides to pour out on three fields, then what was planned for pouring out on one, then the Agrosystem will show this.


2 directions of the drones usage in the agriculture

There are two main directions for using such equipment today. The first is monitoring the condition of crops. The second is the application of plant protection products.


The first, cultivated by robots harvest (Hands free hectare)

Shropshire County has pleased the supporters of the automation of agricultural operations. Local IT employees demonstrated the first harvest, obtained solely as a result of the work of robots.


Comparison of existing sprayers on the market

On the market today, quite a lot of different models of self-propelled and trailed sprayers are presented. What are they different and what is it worth to choose for a particular farm will be considered in this article.


Technique for applying liquid of the fertilizers

The best technic for foliar feeding will be the «Vodoley» sprayer on ultra-low pressure tires


Tests of self-propelled sprayer Vodoley with hydraulic rod drive

Today, the field tests of the self-propelled sprayer Vodoley with hydraulic rod drive have been successfully carried out. This modification can quickly transform the rod from the operating mode to the move mode. Therefore, it is ideal for processing small areas located nearby.


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