In Australia, the robot-cowboy has being tested

Managing a herd of cows is not a very simple task. Knowing the voice of their master, they willingly follow him. But in the same hides the problem - animals may refuse to follow another person. A robot equipped with a loudspeaker can be a real way out of this dilemma.


Precision Livestock Technologies

Observation of animals or birds is an integral part of the work of the livestock breeder. This work can be simplified by cameras, located in the necessary places. Comparing the identification data of the electronic collar and the indication of the weights that are placed near the drinker, we can daily assess the weight of each cow.


Machines for applying liquid fertilizers, UAN 32

Order now the machine for applying of a liquid fertilizers, UAN and PPP in any city of Ukraine. Self-propelled sprayer «Vodoley» (analogous to Rosa) on tires of ultra-low pressure for the applying of liquid fertilizers.


$ 4.25 million for the production of agricultural sensors «Arable»

The company boasts that today sensor «Arable» accurately measure more than 40 different relevant data types. Today, this is the best performance among such devices of intellectual farming IoT.


Agribot - Polish robot tractor for agriculture

This unit can work 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. To determine the coordinates of the technics the GPS system is used, the estimate is made with an accuracy of one centimeter. Additional sensors allow the robot to navigate on the field. Many operations can be carried out offline.


Indian robot cotton picker

In addition to harvesting, the machine must perform seeding, weeding, pruning branches to increase crop yields and precision spraying of fertilizers or plant protection products. At the moment (2018) the harvester is in a state of development. The startup expects to receive about 1 million rupees from the state and the company Villgro.


Ground-based robot farmer is cheaper and unpretentious in work

Professor Yang Yul argues that in many cases even ground-based technics may be cheaper to perform monitoring. For example, to assess the quality of pasture, where the height of the grass is not very large.


Robot shepherd is not yet a competitor to a shepherd dog

Chairman Rick Poudrell (England) argues that any farmer working in the field of animal husbandry knows that there is a much more complex interconnection between the dog and the sheep than the inexperienced inhabitants think.


15 new agricultural technologies that will change the world

Sensors make it possible to collect various data in agriculture. It can be remote monitoring of the condition of fields, animals, farms. In relation to food, mention may be made of the appearance of «meat from the laboratory» and studies related to genetically modified organisms.


Top-5 robotic systems in agriculture

15 years ago, the principles of exact farming in the form in which we know them today were adopted. And we can be sure that in the near future we will see the use of robots at all stages of agricultural work - from sowing to harvesting.


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