Agricultural management system

Rational use of land resources is the key to increasing the profit of any farm. The essence of a qualitatively new system of accurate farming is that for successful agribusiness it is necessary to know:

  • a complete and reliable picture of the state of crops in the fields;
  • the exact size of the cultivated land;
  • data on problem areas and zones;
  • history of land for several years;
  • in real time, see the work of equipment and personnel in the fields;
  • organize the cost accounting and distribute these costs in proportion to the amount of work performed.

Mobile application that allows to control  all stages of the agricultural work

The company «Comprehensive AgroService» has developed a mobile application that allows the main agronomist, or the head of the company:

  • control almost all stages of agricultural work;
  • monitor the condition of crops ahead of circumstances and risks;
  • already before the start of the season, understand in what conditions the harvest will develop and what factors will shape it.

The application runs on the Android platform. Anybody can work with it without additional education and training.

GPS monitoring system

GPS monitoring system is designed for tracking and controlling the performance of agricultural. operations. To work with this system, you will need to install one of the supported devices on the monitored object: the onboard computer «Vodoley 1», or «Vodoley 2».

The main modules of the program:

  1. Field Card - planning and carrying out works in the context of each field: crop rotation, nutrient levels, crop development indicators, timing, planning, technological work, costs and materials.
  2. Field Status - tracing the history of the fields, nutrient maps, the relevance of the crop condition, the assessment and the yield forecast.
  3. Engineering - optimization of fuel and man-hours expenses, control of processing area, route, speed, monitoring of working hours for each type of equipment for operations.
  4. Personnel - effective management of the payroll, calculating the PP based on KPI indicators, accounting for labor productivity of machine operators.
  5. Materials - generating write-offs for materials, recording materials for fields and cultures, analyzing the use of materials
  6. Costs - operational control of production costs, formation of expenditures by fields, crops, cost structure analysis for materials and crops.
  7. Vintage - yield analysis based on production factors, yield control during vegetation, actual yields by fields and crops.

The system can be used on a computer, tablet or mobile phone connected to the Internet. With all the information at the same time, several specialists can work - enter data, analyze, correct. Information can be obtained both in real time, and you can also see reports on previously performed work. All data are detailed and accurate, all accounting and statistics are available round the clock. Effective work reports can easily be generated, printed on a printer or stored in the computer's memory.

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