Spraying control computer «Vodoley 1» with GPS module (Analog Bravo 180)

Sprayer computer «Vodoley» (an analog of the Bravo 180 computer)Multifunctional spraying computer «Vodoley 1» with a GPS module (similar to Bravo 180 computer) simplifies the introduction of liquid fertilizers, UAN 32, plant protective products and reduces their consumption. The main task of the computer «Vodoley 1» is to keep the rate of outflow at a given level, even with a non-constant speed of movement of equipment across the field. The driver can in real time see the basic parameters of the sprayer and control the work of individual sections. The results of processing are transferred to the database of «Agrosystem». After that, the owner can personally check where exactly and how much fertilizer was poured.

Parameters of work that the computer «Vodoley 1» controls

During the operation of soil treatment, the device «Vodoley 1» (similar to the computer Bravo 180) tracks such indicators:

  • Speed ​​of movement;
  • Coordinates of work place (if GPS module is installed);
  • Rate of outflow of working fluid (l / min);
  • Fluid remaining in the tank;
  • The current state of the injectors are passable/clogged (if the Face Control module is installed);
  • The preset outflow rate is displayed;
  • Operating time and a number of other parameters.

Statistics of the already work done

While the sprayer works, statistical information accumulates, and displayed on the screen:

  • The distance traveled (km);
  • Area of ​​the treated area (ha);
  • Quantity of used liquid (l);
  • Duration of work in hours.

Directly during the movement on the field, the «Vodoley 1» spraying computer allows you to manually change the outflow rate by 10%, 20% or 30%. If the current driving speed does not allow the pump to maintain the required rate of outflow, an audible signal sounds.

Automatic maintenance of the outflow rate

The spraying computer «Vodoley 1» is designed to simplify the processing of the territory with liquid fertilizers. After setting the desired rate, the outflow rate will be automatically maintained by the computer during the processing of the territory.

The results of processing of the field are transferred to the Agrosystem's database

The presence of the GPS module allows the «Vodoley 1» spraying computer to determine the coordinates of the workplace and transmit them along with the rate of outflow to the «Agrosystem» database. After that, the owner of the equipment can view the result of processing the territory through the Web interface. This approach reduces the likelihood of misuse of fertilizers and fuels - it is clear where exactly the work was done and how much liquid was poured.

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Instructions for the device «Vodoley 1» (download pdf)

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