Computer of the sprayer "Vodoley" (Analog Bravo 180)

Multifunctional onboard Vodoley computer (analog Bravo 180) is an electronic system for monitoring and regulating the flow of working fluid rate per unit area. The system provides fully automatic support for the previously set rate of liquid consumption when applying liquid fertilizers, regardless the speed of the machine, and allows the operator to monitor all basic spraying parameters, turn off the supply of working fluid to the rod and, if necessary, disconnect individual sections of the rod. The unit is equipped with an acoustic signal, which warns about deviations occurrence in operation.

The main functions of the computer:

  1. Automatically monitors the set rate of outflow per hectare, regardless the speed of the machine.
  2. Allows to disengage the rods section by section.
  3. Indicates the movement speed.
  4. Indicates the treated area.
  5. Indicates the remaining liquid in the tank.
  6. Allows you to set one of the pre-set dosage rates (outflow rate).
  7. Allows you to increase/decrease:
  • Dosage norms (outflow) by 10%, 20%, 30% (automatic mode);
  • Pressure (in manual mode).

The monitor can display all sprayer parameters:

  • Working speed, km/h;
  • Consumption of working fluid, L/gal.;
  • Treated area, hectare;
  • The path traveled by the unit, km;
  • Operating time, h;
  • Total working fluid consumption , L;
  • Operating pressure in the system, Bar;
  • Flow rate of working fluid, L/min;
  • Valves condition (open/closed).

The sprayer equipped with this computer ensures high efficiency of using liquid fertilizers and pesticides, complete work process control and accounting, which in turn significantly reduces costs for chemicals, increases unit productivity, quality and work accuracy, greatly facilitates operator's work.

The main difference and advantage of Vodoley on-board computer from Bravo 180 analogue is that the computer is equipped with a GPS module and can transmit data about the work performed with reference to coordinates in real time. These data can be viewed through the WEB interface from any device connected to the Internet.

List of instructions for the Vodoley device (download pdf)

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