$ 4.25 million for the production of agricultural sensors «Arable»

«Arable» has attracted 4.25 million dollars of investments for the production of agricultural field sensors. This topic become relevant because of an acute shortage of labor, especially in the field of agriculture. The presence of the workers on the field was necessarily to make the evaluation of the state of the crop and to do many other operations.

A combination of the above factors has created on the agricultural market of the US conditions for the development of a system that should at least in some way replace a person on the field. «Arable» sensors collect data on plant health, illumination and weather. This sensors are powered from the solar battery.

«Arable» sensors track more than 40 parameters

The company boasts that today sensors accurately measure more than 40 different relevant data types. Today, these are the best indicators among such IoT intelligent farming devices. Often, one can encounter a situation where the creators of such systems focus on only one problem in the field, such as irrigation or soil tension.

The Arable company ag sensor

Information from all sensors is analyzed in a single database

The approach with the placement of sensors in the field has one more advantage - data collection is carried out continuously and around the clock. Information from each sensor is transmitted to a single database and then becomes available for analysis and viewing.

This approach is an aid not only to a farmer. On the basis of the information received, the farmer can understand if watering is to be intensified, his purchaser may be aware of when it is expected to harvest and what its prospects are. Scientists will also be happy to receive such information, although it is difficult to immediately tell how exactly they will use it, taking into account the number of parameters that tracks such a sensor.

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