«Comprehensive AgroService» at the exhibition «AgroTechService 2018»

exhibition «AgroTechService 2018»

On February 13-15, 2018 in Zaporozhye, the annual AgroTechService 2018 was held, at which the company «Comprehensive AgroService» introduced a self-propelled sprayer «Vodoley» with an on-board computer that integrates the sprayer into the «Agrosystem».

At the exhibition «AgroTechService 2018» companies were presented that produce goods and services in demand in agriculture. After the opening of the exhibition, a round table devoted to legislative changes in the life of farmers was held.

On february 14 there was a scientific and practical conference devoted to the cultivation of berry crops («Gardening and Berry: from design to harvest»).

«Traditional» representatives were companies that produce (supply) agricultural equipment. Among them, we can mention the tractors TM «John Deere», represented by JSC «Motor Sich» goods of agricultural direction: chainsaws, separators, motor blocks. Loaders, seeders and equipment for clearing the territory were presented.

In addition, varietal seeds, a variety of fertilizers, GPS fuel consumption control systems, pyrolysis boilers that produce more heat from coal, wood, briquettes and reduce carbon dioxide emissions were presented at the exhibition «AgroTechService 2018» in Zaporozhye.

The company «Comprehensive AgroService» presented its comprehensive solution in the «Kozak Palace» - a self-propelled sprayer «Vodoley» with an on-board computer. The main task of the spraying computer is to synchronize the rate of pouring out the working fluid with the speed of the machinery. Due to this, the rate of outflow for every hectare of the cultivated territory is precisely maintained.

The «Vodoley» spraying computer presented at the exhibition «AgroTechService 2018» is equipped with a GPS module. During work the location of sprayer with the rate of pouring out of the working fluid saved to the database of the «Agrosystem». After that, the result can be viewed in a personal cabinet using any device that has an Internet connection. The map will clearly show the trajectory of the technics and the accuracy of the outflow rate. In the case of compliance the color of the line green, the excess of the norm is indicated in red, the deficite is indicated as blue.

This approach allows you to accurately monitor compliance with the outflow rate and see the way the sprayer is not only on the field, but also when moving between processing areas. As a consequence, the «Agrosystem» makes it possible to more accurately control the consumption of liquid fertilizers and the use of fuels and lubricants. A visual display of all movements of technics during the day allows you to more accurately calculate the time spent for work, and provides additional opportunities for monitoring the quality of work.

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