8 main wishes of the agrarians to precision farming technologies

Precision agriculture technologies simplify many agricultural operations and reduce their cost. For example, parallel driving allows you to applicate fertilizers or herbicides with precision that is simply out of reach «by eye». The introduction of liquid fertilizers under the control of the «Vodoley» spraying computer allows you to save the fertilizers with an increasing of the yield.

The preservation of data about the movement of machins is very convenient for the subsequent evaluation of the quality of field processing. As an example, you can view the image of the results of processing of one field, available in the personal account of the Agrosystem.

Map of the results of applying liquid fertilizers

Lines allow you to assess how straight the driver drove, and how accurately the required rate of outflow was maintained. Red means that it was poured more than norm, blue - less, green - the norm is sustained.

As in many areas, the use of computer simplifies accounting by storing information in an electronic database. In the case of such centralized storage, subsequent analysis, evaluation, planning of new actions is accelerated. But there are also new risks - if all information is stored in one place, then the probability of its thefting is higher. Therefore, the German Agricultural Society (DLG) issued its eight requirements-wishes, to the digital agriculture.

  1. Expansion of mobile coverage areas. Insufficient development of the mobile communication infrastructure hinders not only the application of precision farming, but also generally reduces the convenience of work during field work.
  2. All the data obtained during the process belong to the farmer! Access to them must be protected by a password, and the accessibility itself appears only after authorization in the personal account.
  3. Companies providing data storage and processing services for agrarian work should pay due attention to information security. Since any data belonging to the farmer is a trade secret, they must be reliably protected from unauthorized access. Depending on how the owner interacts with the system of precision farming, appropriate measures should be provided for protecting his personal data.
  4. The main purpose of data storage in the «cloud» is to increase the profit of the farmer. It is in this direction that technologies should develop, avoiding the role of simply storing «some» data.
  5. The owner should be able to provide access to their data at personal discretion, if this can somehow help his business.
  6. Public and official data should be readily available and provided free of charge. This includes data on weather, market indices, data from the cadastre, land data, road conditions. For such information, open interfaces should be created.
  7. Digital technologies should bring producers and consumers of their services closer together. Transparency of production processes (where permissible) should increase consumer confidence in the quality of products.
  8. Mass application of digital technologies requires qualified personnel.

Therefore, it is very important to prepare future farmers with these requirements in mind. DLG President Karl-Albrecht Bartmer is confident that digital technologies will give a tangible impetus to the development of agriculture. This approach should simplify the conduct of any work, reduce the negative impact on the environment and improve the living conditions of animals.

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