Re-equipment of cultivators and disk harrows for UAN application

A rational solution to reduce costs of the soil processing will be the combination of the operations of mechanical processing of the land with the introduction of fertilizers. To reduce the loss of the active substance with a superficial application of fertilizer, owner must «seal» it in the soil. Thus, the moment of mechanical tillage is very suitable for fertilizer application.

Re-equipment of cultivators and disc harrows for application of liquid fertilizers

The company «Comprehensive AgroService» carries out the conversion of cultivators and disk harrows for the introduction of liquid fertilizers. After the installation of additional equipment on the harrow or cultivator, the owner of the converted equipment have the opportunity to apply liquid fertilizers simultaneously with the land treatment operations.

The liquid form is distinguished by the fact that liquid fertilizers and plant protection agents can be mixed in one tank. As a result, several types of tillage can be performed at once in a single pass of the field. After the conversion of the disc harrow, it can operate in three modes:

  • Mechanical tillage of the soil in the usual mode for this type of machinery;
  • Simultaneous application of liquid fertilizers and tillage;
  • Introduction of liquid fertilizers.

To complete re-equipment of the cultivator there are must be installed on it next components:

  • «Vodoley» spraying computer with GPS module;
  • Equipment for the supplying, distributioning and applicating of working fluid;
  • Capacity for working fluid;
  • Adapters, filters, sensors and other components that are necessary for the operation of the system.

The process of supplying working fluid in the converted cultivator is controlled by the «Vodoley» spraying computer. Its main task is to synchronize the outflow rate with the speed of the machinery through the field. As a result - for each hectare the rate of outflow will be accurately observed.

The spraying computer saves fertilizers during the operation of the converted cultivator

Using the GPS module, the computer tracks the coordinates on the terrain at time of pouring of the working fluid. Further, these data are transferred to the Agrosystem's database and later can be viewed using any device that has an Internet connection.

In addition, the computer provides such data about the modernizated cultivator:

  • Time in hours, already processed area;
  • Travel speed, traveled way;
  • Current flow rate of liquid, volume of already poured liquid;
  • Valve status, system pressure, clogged line monitoring.

By ordering the conversion of the cultivator or disc harrow, you save money, because new functionality will be possible to the technics you already own.

If it is necessary to applicate the liquid fertilizers (PPP) on a large area - order the service of applying liquid fertilizers with the self-propelled sprayer «Vodoley».

General view of the cultivator converted for application of liquid fertilizers
Refurbished cultivator for liquid fertilizers - closer view
Refurbished cultivator for liquid fertilizers - closer view
Spraying computer «Vodoley» with GPS module installed within the service of the cultivator conversion

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