Entering into the soil urea ammonium mixture, liquid fertilizers, plant protection products


Comprehensive AgroService company offers a full range of services for the introduction of UAN-32, LCF, PPP

The following services are rendered:

  • Liquid complex fertilizers;
  • UAN-32;
  • Means of plant protection.

Field processing is carried out by a modern agrotechnical complex, which includes a self-propelled sprayer on ultra-low pressure wheels «Vodoley» (analogous of the sprayer ROSA) plus a liquid fertilizer delivery device (based on the KRAZ tanker), which provides continuous and quick supply of the liquid fertilizes to the sprayer.

To reduce the cost of introducing liquid fertilizers

Using a set of our services will allow you to reduce the cost of introducing liquid fertilizers, and the ultra-low pressure of the complex on the soil allows:

  • Perform work on low-carrying or waterlogged soils (including in marshy areas);
  • Apply fertilizers in early spring (through melting snow);
  • Begin field work 2-3 weeks earlier than is possible with conventional wheels;
  • To introduce fertilizers in the fields with winter crops in the tillering phase, leaving no rut;
  • Works are made with high productivity (from 40 ha/hour), consumption of diesel fuel does not exceed 0.2 l/ha.

High cross-country capability

Ultra-low pressure tires and low weight make the «Vodoley» sprayer extremely passable - it exerts pressure on the ground no more than 160 g/cm2. Even if the field is wet, and the technique on ordinary wheels is simply bogged down - «Vodoley» will perform all the necessary work in full.

If necessary, the sprayer can work on ordinary wheels (width 18cm).

For the fastest, accurate and economical inserting of the liquid fertilizes on your field, order the service of inserting UAN-32, liquid complex fertilizers with the help of the self-propelled sprayer «Vodoley». You can be sure that every hectare will get exactly as much active substance as you planned - this is controlled by the «Vodoley» spraying computer with a GPS module. The use of this computer saves up to 40% of fertilizers, with an increase in crop yields of up to 20% (expert evaluation data of Melitopol Agrarian University).

The cost of services is specified in each case individually and depends on the amount and timing of the work.

The safety data sheet developed in accordance with the requirements of Regulation (EC) 1907/2006 (REACH) for the urea-ammonium mixture (UAN-32).

Recommendations for the introduction of liquid mineral fertilizers.


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